Sleep research

The UW School of Nursing was the first nursing school in the United States to launch a fully functioning sleep research laboratory. Read about the School’s rich history of sleep research. 

Our fully equipped UW School of Nursing Sleep Research Laboratory consists of a control room, a sleep study research area with three bedrooms, and shower/bathroom facilities. The laboratory bedrooms are fully equipped to accommodate both pediatric and adult research participants. UW School of Nursing Sleep Lab

  • Polysomnographic recordings of sleep can be obtained from three subjects simultaneously by means of a computer-based sleep EMBLA acquisition system
  • A portable computer-based polysomnographic sleep recording system is available for monitoring sleep in home or clinic settings
  • Numerous microprocessors (Mini-Mitter® actigraphy) are available for  recording of activity and body temperature (BioPac)
  • Software is available for scoring the activity data for sleep detection and cosinor analysis of temperature data
  • The sleep lab also has the expertise to help investigators make, repair, and recondition small laboratory equipment

We also maintain a library of rigorous protocols for sleep actigraphy data collection, cleaning and analysis; polysomnography data collection and analysis; and physical activity actigraphy data collection, cleaning and analysis. Highly trained staff are also available to consult with investigators in the use of these methods.

For service availability, costs, and general operating procedures of the lab, and to include lab services in a research proposal,UW School of Nursing Sleep Lab please contact the Office of Nursing Research at

Learn more about our Center for Innovation in Sleep Self-Management.