Courses for non-majors

The School of Nursing offers opportunities for learning open to UW graduate students and non-degree seeking students.

Current UW graduate students

Non-nursing majors enrolling in some School of Nursing courses may need to obtain prior permission from the course instructor or fulfill specific course prerequisites. These requirements are generally noted in the UW Time Schedule.

Non-degree seeking students

Non-degree seeking students can apply for Non-Matriculated (NM) status and register for these courses with School of Nursing permission. Please note that there are different processes for applying for NM status, depending on whether or not you are planning to use a state employee tuition exemption.

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Infant and early childhood mental health

For the most up-to-date information on enrollment, meeting times, and locations, please consult the UW Time Schedule.

This list only provides a general guide of courses offered. For more information on infant and early childhood graduate courses and getting permission to enroll, please contact the faculty lead on IECMH, Colleen O. Dillon, PhD, at

IECMH 537 Attachment and Psychopathology: Parents & Infants: Learn about the intergenerational transmission of caregiver-child relationship dynamics in more vulnerable families and implications for functioning at all ages. Learn more.

IECMH 555 Relationship-Based Mental Health Assessment of Young Children: Use a developmentally and diversity-informed lens to gain a solid foundation in observation, assessment and diagnosis of early childhood social, emotional and behavioral problems (birth to age 5). Learn more.

IECMH 548 Frameworks in Infant and Early Childhood: Develop foundational knowledge in the growing field of Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health, including typical and atypical child development and risk and resiliency factors that shape life span trajectories. Learn more.