Admissions FAQs

General admissions

Are there any requirements to enroll as a pre-nursing major?

No, there are no application requirements for pre-nursing status at the UW. If you begin as a first-year student at the UW, you can declare Pre-Nursing as your status at any time, which will give you priority for taking certain nursing prerequisite courses. You will not apply to the BSN program until winter quarter of your sophomore year.

Do you offer an RN-BSN program?

No. However, both UW Bothell and UW Tacoma both offer RN-BSN completion programs.

Do you have an LPN-RN program?

No. LPN-RN programs are more commonly offered at community colleges.

Do you accept credits from the College Level Examination Program (CLEP)?

No, the University of Washington nor School of Nursing accept credits from the CLEP. The UW does, however, grant credit for Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses.

Visit for more information on the University’s guidelines for college-level work taken in high school.

My background check came back positive for a felony or misdemeanor. Does this mean I am ineligible to apply?

A positive conviction on an applicant’s background check does not automatically result in denial of admission to our programs. Positive background checks are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Applicants are welcome to submit statements regarding prior conviction history to give context and/or explain how they overcame the issues that caused the conviction.

Undergraduate applications

Do I have to complete ALL of the listed Natural World prerequisites courses or only a few of them?

You must have a minimum of 3 Natural World courses completed with a satisfactory grade when you apply to the BSN or ABSN program (see the specific program prerequisites for minimum grades allowed). ALL Natural World courses must be completed with a satisfactory grade of by the time you enroll in the program.

What is the average GPA for successful BSN applicants? What if mine is low?

Accepted BSN applicant GPAs range from 2.4 to 4.0, but keep in mind that your GPA is only one of many factors in admissions decisions.

How do I know what courses will transfer to the UW School of Nursing and fulfill the prerequisites?

Your first step is to check the University’s Course Equivalency Guide. You may take other courses besides the ones listed on the guide as long as they fulfill the requirement. The best way to determine if the course you want to take satisfies the requirement is to find the course description for that class and compare it to the description of the sample UW courses listed on the prerequisite worksheet. If the material covered and number of credit hours are roughly the same, the course should satisfy the requirement.

Do you offer distance learning for the ABSN or BSN programs?

No, we do not offer distance learning for our undergraduate programs.

Should I apply to the Accelerated BSN program or regular BSN program?

Choosing between the Accelerated BSN program and regular BSN program is a personal decision. For some students, being able to earn their degree faster is worth the higher cost of the ABSN program. Other students prefer the pace and cost of the BSN program. There is no difference between the programs in terms of the courses you complete or the degree you earn.

Graduate applications

Do you require the GRE?

No, we do not require the GRE for any of our graduate programs.