Costs & financial support

Tuition rates for the 2023-24 academic year

The rates below are for planning purposes only and are subject to change without notice.

State tuition programs

Visit the UW Office of Planning & Budgeting site for a detailed breakdown on the tuition dashboards.

Program Resident Non-resident
Bachelor of Science in Nursing $4,215/quarter $13,999/quarter
Doctor of Nursing Practice — state tuition tracks (PCNS, PNP-AC, PNP-PC, PHSL, PMHNP) $10,826/quarter $15,440/quarter
Graduate certificates — state tuition (APEOH, PHE, PNP-AC, PNP-PC)
Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Science $7,062/quarter $12,296/quarter

Fee-based programs

Our fee-based programs are offered through UW Professional & Continuing Education (UWPCE).

Visit the UWPCE site for a detailed breakdown of costs and fees.


Program Cost
Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing: Spring/Autumn 2023 cohort* $11,938/quarter
Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing: Spring 2024 cohort* $12,416/quarter
Master of Science in Clinical Informatics & Patient-Centered Technologies $727/credit
Doctor of Nursing Practice (AGNP-AC, AGNP-PC, FNP, NM, WHCNS) $982/credit
Advanced practice graduate certificates (AGNP-AC, AGNP-PC, NM, WHCNS)
Graduate Certificate in Palliative Care $745/credit
Graduate Certificate in Sexual and Reproductive Health $980/credit**

*ABSN cohorts pay the same tuition rate throughout their program of study
**Estimated costs per credit as of February 2024


The Global Health Nursing graduate certificate program follows the same tuition rate as the degree program you are concurrently enrolled in (e.g., PCE per-credit rate for PCE DNP programs or resident/non-resident state tuition rates for PhD or DNP programs that are not run through PCE).

Additional fees

As a School of Nursing and UW student, you should also budget for additional costs. Fees marked with an (*) are for clinical-based programs and tracks only:

One-time fees

  • CastleBranch account (for immunization tracking)*
  • Health Science Building Access/Photo ID fee
  • Clinical Placements Northwest account registration fee (A/BSN programs only)*

Quarterly fees

  • UW Professional & Continuing Education registration fees (UWPCE programs/tracks only)*

Annual fees

  • SoN background check
  • CPR training or renewal (every two years)*
  • Immunizations (Students with clinical coursework must maintain up-to-date immunizations. Costs will vary depending on insurance status and the number of immunizations required annually)*
  • Student Health fee*

Additional costs

  • Books and supplies
  • Housing and food
  • Personal expenses
  • Local transportation


For more information, see the average undergraduate student budget provided by the UW Office of Student Financial Aid.

Scholarships & financial support

Various types of financial support, including scholarships, grants, loans, and employment, are available to support nursing students in degree programs during their programs of study.

Students completing certificate programs only are not eligible for financial aid.