Office of the Executive Dean

Welcome to the UW School of Nursing!

It’s my pleasure to welcome you on behalf of our great faculty, staff, and students. As a top-ranked school of nursing in the nation, we are focused on preparing the next generation of healthcare leaders, accelerating innovation and scientific discovery, ensuring health equity for diverse people, locally and globally.

Our community of discovery, teaching, learning and community service make us frontline agents for solving the key health issues for the people here in Washington State, the United States and around the world.

At the UW School of Nursing, our work is all about partnering with people where they live, where they work and where they learn. Our faculty, our students and our graduates can be found working almost anywhere: in hospitals, in communities, schools, homes, refugee clinics, and battlefields, to name just a few.

We bring together science, technology, skill and caring to offer a world of possibilities to our students, enabling them to improve the health of people by addressing health disparities in local and global communities.

This is what the University of Washington Nursing experience is all about.

Azita Emami, PhD, MSN, RNT, RN, FAAN
Executive Dean, UW School of Nursing
Robert G. and Jean A. Reid Endowed Dean, UW School of Nursing

How to reach the Office of the Executive Dean

Please contact Dr. Emami’s executive assistant, Panome Ratsavong, at or 206.221.2472.

Request Dean Emami’s attendance at your event

Important notes:

  • Please submit your request as early as possible, preferably six to eight weeks prior to your event. For requests less than 30 days in advance, please contact Dr. Emami’s executive assistant, Panome Ratsavong, at or 206.221.2472
  • Please be aware that changes to your event (i.e., start/end time, venue, speakers, etc.) may impact the dean’s availability. If you have changes, please contact Dr. Emami’s executive assistant, Panome Ratsavong, at or 206.221.2472
  • If you plan to have a photographer at this event, please let us know and share the photos with us within a week after the event.

Upon review of your completed form, you will be notified of the status of your request.

Event materials

Once you have received confirmation of the dean’s attendance, you will be asked to supply the following materials no later than 10 days prior to the event. Please send materials via email to Dr. Emami’s executive assistant, Panome Ratsavong, at or 206.221.2472.

Suggested remarks

If the dean has a speaking role at your event, the dean’s writer will be in contact with you regarding templates and deadlines for submitting your proposed talking points.