Clinical precepting

Clinical precepting

Clinical partnerships are one of the UW School of Nursing’s most precious resources in preparing the next generation of advanced practice registered nurses and advanced systems and population health experts. Clinical preceptors have a deep interest in and commitment to our academic programs and demonstrate excellence in clinical practice and community service. Clinical preceptors provide an invaluable piece of students’ clinical education.

Clinical experience

Our students need high-quality, precepted clinical experiences on a quarterly basis as part of their education. Students in the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) spend four quarters in clinical placements, and one to three days per week each quarter, depending on the track and stage of their education. Through clinical placements, our graduate students have an extraordinary opportunity to learn and work alongside skilled mentors-preceptors through clinical rotations.

Clinical placements can take place in a variety of settings:

  • Hospitals
  • Community clinics
  • Nonprofit settings
  • Private practice
  • School wellness centers

Precepting DNP students

The UW DNP prepares advanced practice nurse practitioners and graduate-level nurses in accordance with the American Association of Colleges of Nursing Essentials of Doctoral Education for Advanced Nursing Practice. The UW School of Nursing is a leader with a longstanding commitment to advanced practice preparation. We are pioneers in DNP education and launched the DNP program in 2007. UW was among the first 50 schools in the country to move to the DNP. DNP students learn to synthesize and expand their knowledge and skills about advanced practice, leadership, and practice inquiry.

Who can precept?

The following healthcare professionals can precept our students:

  • Family, Adult-Gerontology, and Pediatric students: ARNP, MD, DO, or PA
  • Midwifery students: ARNP, CM, or CNM
  • Psychiatric Mental Health students: ARNP, MSW, or MD
  • Community Health: Contact Betty Bekemeier (

Learn more about preceptor standards.

Become a preceptor

To explore a clinical partnership, clinical placements or precepting, please contact the Office of Clinical Placements (

Preceptor privileges

As a clinical preceptor, you will receive:

  • Opportunities to mentor and help others meet their potential as future nurse leaders
  • Access to UW Libraries resources, including the world-class Health Sciences Library
  • Opportunity to obtain affiliate faculty status
  • Clinical placements are coordinated by a single point of contact
  • Opportunities to interface with engaged, highly skilled faculty
  • Regular site visits by faculty
  • 15 percent Continuing Nursing Education discount
  • Discounts and free admission at various UW campus venues
  • Eligibility to apply for membership at the Intramural Activities Center
  • Eligible for discounts at the University Bookstore with Pack Rewards

DNP final projects

DNP degrees are distinguished by the completion of a final project. These projects emanate from clinical agencies, community settings or systems. They are systematic investigations of questions about practice and therapies that evaluate and translate all forms of evidence into practice. Each student collaborates with an agency to address a real-world clinical problem or health issue. Most often, a student will be engaged in only one phase or aspect of translating evidence into practice.