Nursing PhD Dream Project


The Nursing PhD Dream Project

Our Vision: The Nursing PhD Dream Project

At the UW School of Nursing, our PhD alumni — trained to be educators and scientists — are playing crucial roles in solving our country’s nursing shortage, bringing diversity and cultural competency into their fields, and conducting life-changing research. Still, many of today’s students face financial barriers in gaining their doctorates and achieving their dreams. In response, and with the support of a generous community, we are creating the Nursing PhD Dream Project. When you make a gift to support to this project, you contribute to our goal of raising sufficient endowed funds to fund a full financial aid package for each UW Nursing Science PhD student in perpetuity. In turn, these students will bring powerful, culturally competent, and innovative health care to people here and around the world. Please join us today in building the future of nursing.

Making a World of Difference for Nursing PhDs

The UW School of Nursing intends nothing less than to elevate health care: to recruit doctoral candidates who will help create a diverse, culturally competent workforce; to train and retain teachers who will serve as role models and mentors for generations of nurses; and to educate investigators who will broaden and advance research in order to meet the needs of their communities.


  • Students searching for an excellent doctoral nursing program will be strongly attracted to the life- and career-changing promise of a “full ride” to graduate school at the University of Washington.
  • This visionary student support fund will eliminate some PhD candidates’ fears of acquiring or increasing loan debt. It will also give hope to candidates who think that graduate school is financially out of reach.
  • We expect a robust recruitment package to bring in more interested candidates, and we hope that it will help attract an array of students from various backgrounds, with different work and educational histories, and with a variety of racial, cultural, and socioeconomic perspectives.


  • Support for nursing PhDs will bolster the pipeline of nursing educators, who are crucial to closing the health care gaps caused by the nursing shortage.
  • Further, the ability to invest in PhD candidates of color will not only allow for more comprehensive, culturally competent nursing care, but will also create more teachers and role models who can inspire youth of color to enter and thrive in the field of nursing.
  • And, of course, we eagerly anticipate the life-changing, whole-person-focused research initiated by the next generation of nurse researchers.
Join us by making a gift to the Nursing PhD Dream Project today.
Learn more about the Nursing PhD Dream Project here


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