UW Nurse Camp

UW Nursing Summer Symposium 2020

Safety and health are the UW School of Nursing’s priorities. To align with the UW campus being online during the Summer, we will NOT be holding an on-campus UW Nurse Camp. This year, instead, there will be a fully online Nurse Symposium.


The UW Nurse Symposium will be held completely online from July 13 – 17, 2020. More details will be available soon.

Apply now

To apply:

Transcripts and letters of recommendation are no longer required.


For more information about this year’s Nurse Symposium, please email uwnursecamp@uw.edu.


UW Nurse Camp 2021

If you are interested in attending UW Nurse Camp in summer 2021, send your contact information to uwnursecamp@uw.edu.

We will email you when applications become available in February 2021.

Current high school sophomores and juniors who are interested in learning about the nursing field and how to get into nursing school are invited to apply to the UW School of Nursing Nurse Camp.

This is a free week-long day camp geared towards increasing access and opportunities in nursing to minority and low-income high school sophomores and juniors who are at least 16 years of age by the first day of camp. Students from all backgrounds are welcome and encouraged to apply.

Important Details

  • If you live outside the Seattle area, overnight accommodations, transportation to and from the UW, and meals outside of UW Nurse Camp are your responsibility.
  • You must be sixteen years of age by the first day of UW Nurse Camp; there are no exceptions to this requirement.
  • We only accept high school students entering their junior and senior years.


UW Nurse Camp will be held in July 2021. Exact dates will be posted as soon as they are determined.


Applications will be available in February 2021.

UW Nurse Camp Activities

Nurse CamperUW Nurse Campers participate in a wide variety of activities throughout the week, including:

  • Shadowing nurses at UWMC in various hospital units
  • Completing CPR and HIPAA training
  • Learning:
  • Participating in nursing “speed rounds,” where you will meet and talk with nurses working in all areas of health care, including forensics, public health, emergency and research
  • Touring the UW Seattle campus
  • Meeting new friends
  • Getting cool free stuff!

Sponsor UW Nurse Camp

UW Nurse Camp is run by the SoN Diversity Awareness Group (DAwGs), a registered student organization. We depend on contributions made by individuals, organizations, community groups and local restaurants.

Fund a UW Nurse Camper

It takes about $250 per student for the entire week of UW Nurse Camp. This total includes a nutritious breakfast, lunch, snacks, and related supplies such as scrub tops, volunteer t-shirts, notebooks, pens, and bus tickets so campers can get to and from campus during the week.

Through the generosity of contributors, we are able to keep this camp free of charge for participants. Please consider making a donation: a little goes a long way!

  • $250 sponsors one camper for the entire week
  • $50 sponsors one camper for one day of the five-day camp

All UW Nurse Camp donations are tax-deductible.