Innovation mindset

International research epicenter

Nurses conduct hard-science research on an incredible breadth and depth of topics – all aimed at improving health. Research is at the core of our mission to improve nursing education, practice, and patient outcomes. As pioneers and renowned thought leaders representing the greatest minds in nursing research, our faculty conducts groundbreaking research in four key areas:  Health Equity, Symptom Science, Innovative Methods and Lifespan Health.

Our research spans an amazing breadth of topics, from clinical studies to policy initiatives. The results of this work inform public health policy, helping healthcare and civic leaders locally and globally implement policy changes to improve the future.

Meeting new era of healthcare challenges

Nursing research contributes to the world’s need for knowledge to develop better prevention and management of diseases and conditions that affect us all, from infancy to old age. Nurse scientists help identify and overcome barriers patients and communities face with implementing healthcare best practices.  The knowledge generated through nursing research helps enhance the quality of care, maximize health outcomes, and improve the cost-effectiveness of nursing interventions. It strengthens health infrastructures, resulting in healthier communities and more efficient and effective health systems.

An environment for opportunity

We received more than $12.7 million  in 2015 from the National Institutes of Health and other federal and non-federal grants, ranking among the top nursing schools in the nation for research and training funding. The published findings from these studies will help to shape the future of healthcare in Seattle and around the globe.

In the last few years, NIH has reduced research award funding by 22 percent due to budget cuts and sequestration, making private support of nursing science more important than ever. You are critical to the ongoing success of research. Your gift drives advancements in nursing science and can improve health for generations to come.

World-class research

The UW School of Nursing demands a deep understanding of the science behind health issues and the integration of evidence-based care and policy. The Office for Nursing Research is proud to support all investigators who share our goal of enhancing research and advancing science through interprofessional work. Our laboratory testing services and renowned research expertise is available to researchers within the UW system and throughout the United States.