Laboratory services

Competitive laboratory services

The UW School of Nursing Office for Nursing Research (ONR) offers state of the art, comprehensive research laboratory services for clients in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.
Lab Services manager Ernie Tolentino

Lab Services manager Ernie Tolentino

“The lab has expertly processed samples of blood and saliva from my research activities. The Biobehavioral Lab team is fully supportive of the work from initial consultation to data analysis.” – Hilaire Thompson, UW School of Nursing Professor and one of the lab’s frequent customers.

Our expertise covers biochemical assays, sample preparation/collection methods and analysis (obtained from spectrophotometric data and PCR plate arrays). The team also provides assessment and scoring of heart rate variability data and sleep and physical activity actigraphy scoring.

Ernie Tolentino, M.S., is the manager for Laboratory Testing Services. Mr. Tolentino has more than 18 years of experience managing the biological laboratories at the UW School of Nursing. Contact Ernie at

Our laboratory services team performs between 4,000 and 5,000 assays a year in one of five areas below.