The Biobehavioral Laboratories in the UW School of Nursing include several fully equipped Biochemical Laboratories, and expertise, for measuring innovative biomarkers including enzymes, hormones, cytokines and peptides in a variety of specimens including plasma, hair, and saliva.

The general biochemical lab equipment includes:

  • chemical fume hoods
  • a fluorometer
  • spectrophotometer
  • ELISA plate reader
  • high-frequency tissue sonicator
  • bead-based cell disruptor system for hair cortisol extraction
  • DIGE 2-D gel system
  • refrigerated centrifuge and low-temperature freezers

One room is dedicated for protein DIGE work.

For service availability, costs, and general operating procedures of the lab, and to include lab services in a research proposal, please email Office of Nursing Research at