ABSN with Early DNP Admission

Our fast-track BSN program now features an option for students to apply to and receive an early admissions decision for our Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program, either in the Population Health or Nurse-Midwifery track. If admitted, you would begin DNP study the autumn quarter immediately following completion of the five-quarter ABSN program.

  • Both programs are offered full-time only.
  • Admission to either the ABSN or DNP program cannot be deferred or transferred.

Program advantages

  • You get an early admissions decision for graduate study
  • You will know the focus of your nursing studies during your undergraduate program
  • This is a good option for someone changing careers
  • If you are accepted to both programs, you have a smooth transition from undergraduate to graduate study

Undergraduate curriculum

The five-quarter (summer to summer) full-time ABSN program is for students who are self-motivated, detail-oriented, self-reflective, and strongly committed. A solid foundation of science and humanities prerequisite coursework sets you up for success in our program.

You build core nursing skills through lectures and hands-on experience in our Simulation Center, where you practice nursing skills in a safe environment before performing them in a supervised clinical setting. You also gain over a thousand hours of hands-on patient care experience with licensed care providers at one of our 700+ community partnership sites, including Seattle Children’s Hospital and top-ranked University of Washington Medical Center.

Graduate curriculum

DNP study prepares you for an advanced practice role and will teach you how to look at leading-edge research and apply that evidence to your practice.

Our DNP program gives you a solid foundation to become a leader in the nursing profession. You will work with nationally-recognized faculty and at agencies around the Puget Sound region to gain hundreds of hours of hands-on clinical experience.

By combining advanced practice nursing skills and knowledge of how to evaluate evidence-based research, you are empowered to become a more efficient and effective practitioner.

Choose the DNP track below that best fits your interests:

DNP track

Scope/Sites of practice

Population Health

  • Advanced levels of the national public health competencies
  • Community and population level prevention
  • Social justice, and
  • Collaborative leadership
  • Traditional and non-traditional nursing practice roles in different employment areas


  • Birthing centers
  • Hospitals
  • Military installations
  • International health agencies
  • Researchers and education, though the majority pursue clinical practice