School of Nursing

September 15, 2021

US World News and Report Bachelor of Science in Nursing Rankings

I am pleased to share with you wonderful news: U.S. News & World Report has announced that the University of Washington’s bachelor of science program in nursing (BSN) is tied for #2 as the country’s best program and ranked #1 among public universities. This ranking reflects the excellence of our BSN programs at all three UW campuses.

This is an enormous achievement due to the dedication of our faculty, students, and staff and their contributions to our growth with their academic, research, public service, and administrative efforts.  

The decision by USNWR to include nursing in the undergraduate rankings for the first time reflects the urgent call for more nurses and the need for more quality nursing programs in this country, and I am proud of the UW School of Nursing’s role in answering that call. 

I am honored to lead faculty whose commitment is to both excellence and equity. As a public institution, we recognize an affirmative responsibility to address historical and economic factors that have led to disparities in who joins America’s most trusted profession—becoming a nurse. We are leading the effort to make nursing education more accessible and equitable, an important part of our success story.  

Our nursing students are a powerful, dedicated, and intellectually curious group that reflects the school’s mission to educate nurses who are leaders. We challenge them on their first day to make this their mission, too. Many UW School of Nursing graduates lead major healthcare organizations, are on faculties at major universities, hold important corporate posts, and serve in other influential roles. 

This ranking also reflects the efforts and accomplishments of the School of Nursing team, including our dedicated staff, who provide the logistical and administrative support that makes everything possible.  

I’m honored to be part of the UW School of Nursing community whose undaunted efforts help advance quality care, nursing science, and leadership for Washington state and the world.