School of Nursing

April 25, 2023

US News & World Report Rankings

Today, US News & World Report issued its annual rankings of nursing schools. The University of Washington School of Nursing was ranked:

  • #1 among public schools with Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)
  • #3 overall of schools with Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)
  • #1 among public schools with Master’s (MSN)
  • #4 overall of schools with Master’s (MSN)

I am proud of our faculty, students, and staff because this outcome reflects their accomplishments.

I am even more proud of our persistence over many years at or near the top of the rankings. And I am most proud of the fact that while rankings are subjective and controversial, I know we have the respect and admiration of our peer schools and nursing professionals across the country, who recognize us as one of the nation’s leading schools of nursing. That is recognition earned through accomplishments that aren’t always reflected in rankings.

One of those accomplishments has been the creation and sustainment of a learning environment that welcomes and respects every nursing student, prioritizes excellence in the educational experience, has an unquestioned commitment to healthcare equity and access, and prepares every student to be not only a capable nurse, but a nurse leader. UW School of Nursing graduates will shape the next generation of healthcare through their impact on policy, research, and clinical care.

There is so much to be proud of beyond the rankings alone. Our impact – within our community of School of Nursing and our community beyond – is, by far, the greatest measurement of our success.