School of Nursing

March 20, 2020

SoN Spring Quarter Will Be Held Remotely

Dear UW School of Nursing Community,

Following President Ana Mari Cauces announcement, the UW School of Nursing will extend ALL operations of the student, staff, and faculty via remote learning environments through the end of the spring quarter on June 12. Soon you will receive follow-up emails from the SoN Executive Team members with specific details regarding moving forward as a student, staff, researcher, and faculty member.

I am overwhelmingly proud of our executive team, who have been working diligently to forge a path for robust virtual instruction, as well as remotely managed operations and administration. We have leveraged the wealth of knowledge and experience in our SoN community to develop innovative experiences for a seamless transition during these times of modified operations. Over the next ten weeks, our faculty and staff will continue to provide the exceptional quality of education, research and service you have come to expect from our prominent academic nursing institution.

We recognize this time of transition may be difficult for those who are not wholly accustomed to virtual structures. However, we ask that you persist in being flexible, open-minded, and forgiving while learning together to adjust to considerable changes throughout all aspects of our daily life. Do not be afraid to ask for help or explore your options under the guidance of the L&IT team.

As the world faces an unprecedented public health pandemic, we must remember that nurses are the frontline faces of courage that will carry the community through these trying times. Florence Nightingale once famously said, How very little can be done under the spirit of fear.” Nightingales words have never felt more meaningful than now in reminding us that we have been trained in the profession of nursing to remain resilient in the face of adversity and act selflessly in the support of the community. These minor obstacles will not disrupt our achievements, nor will they deter our passion for helping others.