School of Nursing

March 8, 2020

Congratulations to Nathan Dreesmann, Nursing Magnuson Scholar

I am pleased to announce that School of Nursing student Nathan Dreesmann has been named one of this year’s Magnuson Scholars.

The award is given annually to one student from each of the six UW Health Sciences schools. It recognizes both achievement and promise, and is one of the highest University honors.

Magnuson Scholars receive both recognition and a substantial scholarship award that enables them to pursue their studies. In Nathan’s case, he will continue work on a PhD, which will prepare him for a productive research career. His research foci are pain and coping, geriatrics, and virtual reality.

The scholarship honors the towering health care impact of the late Washington state Senator Warren G. Magnuson. Magnuson played an instrumental role in the passage of legislation that created the National Institutes of Health, Medicare, and Medicaid. Hundreds of millions of Americans have benefited from Magnuson’s vision and commitment. The scholarship is funded by an endowment from the Warren G. Magnuson Institute for Biomedical Research and Health Professions Training.

It is exciting to see students such as Nathan Dreesman prepare to assume their place in the world of nursing research.