Will precepting fulfill continuing education credits?

Precepting for 120 hours will fulfill a recertification requirement by the ANCC and counts toward CNM recertification by ACNM. The UW School of Nursing will provide verification of hours of precepting. Learn more.

Who can precept a nurse practitioner student?

The following healthcare professionals can precept our students:

  • Family, Adult Gerontology, and Pediatric students: ARNP, MD, DO, or PA
  • Midwifery students: ARNP, CM, CNM, or MD
  • Psychiatric Mental Health students: ARNP or MD
  • Community Health: please contact us!

What is the time commitment to precepting a student?

A preceptor’s time commitment is whatever they would like to offer. Each quarter is 10 weeks long. Depending on the quarter, the student will need to complete 110 to 240 hours over 10 weeks. This comes out to about two days per week. For Psych Mental Health, clinical hours vary depending on the setting.

What is the onboarding process for a student?

Once a preceptor has been matched with a student, it is the student’s responsibility to complete the onboarding process prior to the start of their clinical. The Clinical Education Specialist in the UW School of Nursing Student and Academic Services office facilitates the onboarding process between the student and the agency. Students are typically given 4 weeks to complete this process. This process should not involve the preceptor.

What are the privileges for precepting a University of Washington nursing student?

There are many privileges for preceptors and clinical faculty, including a UW NetID, which allows access the online UW library resources, a Husky Card, which allows discounts to various UW campus venues, 15% UW Continuing Nursing Education discount, discounts through the UW Bookstore Technology Center, and more!

May I request the type of student I would like to precept?

Many preceptors, particularly in specific clinical settings, like to request students with certain skill sets, such as language, ICU experience, EMR experience, etc. Preceptors should feel free to discuss with the clinical placement coordinator.

May I request a resume and meet or speak with the student before agreeing to precept?

You certainly can. Before agreeing to precept a specific student, many preceptors would like to ensure they can work with the student and request to meet or speak to the student prior to agreeing.

Is there any paperwork required in precepting?

Towards the end of the academic quarter, we will send you a link to complete an evaluation of student performance.

How much experience do I need in order to precept?

A minimum of two years of  clinical experience in role, and 9 months in the current setting, is needed to precept. Learn more about our preceptor standards.

How can I sign up to precept a student?

Please contact Jennifer Sonney, PhD, ARNP, PPCNP-BC, FAANP, Graduate Program Director (interim) at 206.685.2161 or via email.

Can two preceptors share a student?

Yes, two preceptors may share the precepting hours for a student over a quarter.

Can I attain a faculty appointment if I precept? What is the process?

A faculty appointment may be pursued with continuous contributions to the School of Nursing. Learn more.