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Invest in the Future of Nursing: Support Nurse Camp

Since its inception, Nurse Camp has been fully community-driven. The program is run by volunteers and funded through philanthropy. This community spirit lies at the heart of Nurse Camp: through support from our community, Nurse Camp builds a diverse pipeline of future nurse leaders who are passionate about serving those in need.

Despite the pandemic that has been a global threat, our School of Nursing students still managed to provide a space for these high school students to learn about the nursing profession. We held a virtual Nursing Summer Symposium in 2020 and plan to hold another virtual symposium again in 2021. Our hope is that our we will be able to offer an in-person camp again in 2022.

The generosity of donors enables us to keep this camp free of charge for campers, removing financial barriers that might prevent a student from participating. This opens doors to students who may not have the chance to explore opportunities in nursing otherwise: about 50% of Nurse Campers plan to be the first in their family to attend college.

A donation of $300 can fund one student for the entire week of UW Nurse Camp. This includes a nutritious breakfast, lunch, snacks, and related supplies such as scrubs, volunteer t-shirts, notebooks, pens, CPR and HIPPA training and other activities.

Please consider making a donation online. You can also explore other ways to give here.

Thank you to our top Nurse Camp supporters!

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