SoN-led UW Digital Health Innovation Hub launches to the public








SEATTLE, WA – The University of Washington (UW) School of Nursing is proud to announce the
launch of the UW Digital Health Innovation Hub, a leading-edge collaboration hub dedicated to
driving innovation and advancement in the field of wellness technology. This state-of-the-art,
patient-centered hub will serve as a platform for research, testing, and innovation in digital
health, bringing together experts from across the university system, the region, and higher
education, health care, and technology sectors.

“We are elated to share the UW Digital Health Innovation Hub with our community,” said Dr.
Allison Webel, Interim Executive Dean of the University of Washington School of Nursing. “This
hub represents our commitment to advancing research and innovation in the digital health
space. By bringing together diverse stakeholders and providing a collaborative environment,
innovators will be supported to shape the future of digital health for all of Washington state.”
The UW Digital Health Innovation Hub was unveiled for the first time on Thursday, November
30th to attendees at the UW Nursing Dawg Tank event, a “Shark Tank” style gathering where
care science innovators pitch their technology to a panel of innovation, design, and science
experts and a live audience, all of whom cast their vote for the winning tech.

The hub was described as an interdisciplinary effort, inspiring and supporting ideators from
everywhere to accelerate the development of transformative digital health solutions. Partners of
the hub include CoMotion Labs, UW College of Engineering, the Institute of Translational
Health Sciences, and UW Medicine, among others.

“Our state is experiencing a severe provider shortage, and it’s shown us that we need to find
ways to rapidly expand access to quality, safe, and human-first healthcare. This next wave of
digital health innovation will be critical for people to get that care,” said Les Becker, Chief
Innovation Officer at WA Department of Health (DOH). “Digital health innovation isn’t just the
future – it is right now. Now is the time for institutions, ideas, and resources to come together to
help people invest in their wellness and their communities.”

The UW Digital Health Innovation Hub will be led by its newly appointed director, Dr. Oleg
Zaslavsky. With an extensive background in technological innovation to promote healthy aging,
Zaslavsky believes the hub is poised to be a magnet of transformation in the heart of a region
defined in many ways by its technology and healthcare sectors.

“I am honored to help connect thinkers, creators, and innovators to the opportunities of the UW
Digital Health Innovation Hub,” said Zaslavsky. “This hub presents an incredible opportunity to
drive meaningful change in digital health. At a time when our community needs this kind of
reimagining in healthcare the most.”

Press release | 12.15.2023

Visit the UW Digital Health Innovation Hub website