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Potential collaborative project for DNP students

Our DNP students collaborate with community clinical organizations and agencies to address real-world issues and problems in their Final DNP Project. Students work with an organization/agency in engaging in systems analysis and change to improve health and wellbeing of groups and populations.

If you are an agency that has potential projects for students in our Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program, we invite you to submit your project to us for a student to match with this opportunity. If you have more than one potential project, please complete and submit a form for each separate project. You will receive a confirmation message when your project has been submitted.

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We are again seeking project ideas for our DNP students to collaborate with clinical agencies and community organizations. We are accepting project ideas through July 15, 2019, and students will be matched with projects in early August to begin project planning activities.

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Frequently asked questions

What types of projects are students engaged in completing?

  • Agency or Community Capacity Building
  • Needs Assessment
  • Program Planning or Evaluation
  • Policy Development or Evaluation
  • Process or Practice Environment Improvement
  • Quality/Safety Initiative or Improvement

Can projects engage more than one student or types of students?

Yes. Often a project benefits from students with different types of specialty training (e.g., Psych Mental Health and Primary Care NP students working together) or skills. Each student will work with faculty to clearly delineate what they will be individually contributing to the project.

I see that projects are to be completed between September and March. Can we still submit project if the anticipated project life cycle will extend beyond this? 

Yes. While this group of students will complete work in March, many projects are longer-term and students are required to include a transition plan in their final executive summary for the agency. Further, we often work with agencies and continue projects year to year, with students building off the prior project and agency work.