Frankie T. Manning Honored with Lifetime Impact Award

“As a humanistic career, nursing is about caring for others. For leaders in nursing, this care extends beyond the bedside to other nurses and the community. For leaders in nursing, this means taking consistent, brave actions to improve nursing care for every member of our community, nursing education, and the lives of nursing professionals. There are many incredible nursing leaders.
And then there are those whose dedicated efforts serve as such an awe-inspiring example of commitment, lifelong learning, growth, and service it reminds us of the powerful humanistic potential in nursing. These leaders serve as mentors to everyone in the nursing profession and beyond, and their work and contributions elevate nursing for generations to come.

Frankie T. Manning, MSN, RN, is this kind of nursing leader. And in honor of her lifelong work in nursing, the Washington Center for Nursing awards Frankie Manning the Lifetime Impact Award.”

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