UW School of Nursing Expands Program Enrollment


Seattle, WA – The University of Washington School of Nursing is increasing enrollment in its Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) program by admitting an additional cohort in Spring 2023.

The School of Nursing experienced more than a twofold increase in applicants to the ABSN program in the past three years. ABSN is the fastest mechanism for producing new Registered Nurses (RN) and building a pipeline that can offer support and respite to our health systems.

The nursing shortage and pipeline problem predate the pandemic in Washington. During the pandemic, these shortages became critical. Our goal is to address the nursing shortage by educating a diverse and competent workforce. As one of the nation’s leading undergraduate nursing programs in 2021, we are well-positioned to meet this goal.

The ABSN program is a fast-track program designed for applicants who already have a bachelor’s degree and are seeking a career in nursing. The program spans four back-to-back quarters of instruction, including clinical training.

The expansion was made possible by legislative funding to increase BSN graduates.* A large portion of the legislative start-up funding will be used for student scholarships and recruitment efforts focused on attracting diverse applicants from historically underrepresented backgrounds. The remaining funds will be dedicated to optimizing the ABSN curriculum by leveraging technology, simulations, hybrid-online education, and expanding clinical training opportunities.

“Making community impact is one of the core components of UW School of Nursing’s mission. This legislative investment will enable the School of Nursing to increase its capacity to prepare more nurses, recruit and enroll more diverse faculty and students, and continue optimizing a curriculum built on the foundational principles of diversity, equity, inclusion, and equal access to healthcare,” said Executive Dean Azita Emami. “The result will ultimately be better, more accessible healthcare throughout the state.”

*Pending approval by the Commission


Contact: UW School of Nursing Marketing and Communications, nscomm@uw.edu