2024 Dr. Martin Luther King School of Nursing Community Service Award

We’re proud to announce the 2024 UW Health Sciences Martin Luther King, Jr. School of Nursing Community Service Award recipient Dr. Sharon Laing, Associate Professor of Nursing and Healthcare Leadership at the University of Washington, Tacoma.

Dr. Sharon Laing has been selected as a distinguished awardee for the MLK Community Service Award in recognition of her exceptional contributions to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), anti-racism, and equity,” said Dr. Allison Webel, Interim Executive Dean of the UW School of Nursing.

 As we celebrate 25 years of MLK Building Bridges: 25 Years of Connection, Community, and Love, Dr. Laing’s unwavering dedication to fostering connection, building community, and advancing equity has been instrumental in creating positive change within our academic environment.

Her dedication to fostering inclusivity, promoting positive change, and championing equity aligns seamlessly with the values this award represents. Her continuous efforts have not only bridged gaps but have also laid the foundation for a more connected and compassionate academic community.

Dr. Laing’s impact on DEI initiatives, anti-racism advocacy, and equity-focused endeavors has been both profound and inspiring. Her leadership has not only initiated positive change but has also cultivated a sense of belonging and empowerment for all members of our academic community. Her leadership has inspired positive change, accountability, and a sense of community that resonates with the spirit of MLK’s vision. 

As we acknowledge Dr. Sharon Laing’s achievements, we recognize her as a trailblazer who embodies the values of MLK’s vision. Her work exemplifies the spirit of Building Bridges by fostering connections, nurturing community, and promoting equity in action.

We celebrated Dr. Laing’s achievements and positive impact she continues to make in our academic community on Thursday, January 11.

Each year, UW Health Sciences schools pay tribute to Dr. King by honoring a member or group from among its students, staff, faculty, or broader connected community who exemplify Dr. King’s principles through a commitment to addressing community needs, particularly for communities of color or low income, development and implementation of significant programs to improve the human condition, and outstanding efforts to protect and empower all individuals. This year’s award theme was “Building Bridges: 25 years of connection, community and love.