2021-2022 Clinical Preceptors of the Year

We’re proud to announce the 2021-2022 Clinical Preceptors of the Year. Preceptors are an integral piece of preparing the next generation of nurse leaders.

“Today’s nurses must be skilled in not only clinical matters, but also technology and pharmacology, and it is preceptors who help nurses learn those additional skills, ” said Executive Dean Azita Emami.

 We are grateful for their time and contributions to our nursing students. Below are the 2021-2022 Clinical Preceptors and their advice to nursing students.

Dr. Jason Goldman

Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Track​ – Dr. Jason Goldman, MD, MPH​

“Bring your enthusiasm, sense of wonder and discovery to your rotations in the ARNP program, and then to your first job as a new ARNP.  And remember – you will continue to learn throughout your career… so read about something you don’t know on each and every patient!”

Kate Hough



Adult Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Track – Kate Hough, DNP, ARNP-BC​

“Always remember your “why”. There is a reason you set out on this journey. Be steadfast in your preparation and determination to become an incredible Husky Nurse!”



Joycelyn Thomas

Family Nurse Practitioner Track​ – Joycelyn Thomas, DNP, FNP

“Each of us is unique. We come to the table with varied strengths and gifts. As you matriculate, each clinical encounter, each experience you have is an opportunity for you to hone your strengths. As providers, we do not work in a silo. We work together. We support one another. Your fellow NP, physician, and PA-C colleagues will call on you and your strengths and you them.”



Chana Schaffer

Nurse-Midwifery Track​ – Chana Schaffer, MSN, CNM, WHNP-BC​

“Soak up every opportunity to learn and grow, be a sponge, be present, listen more than you speak when in the clinical setting, come with an open mind, ask thoughtful questions, show appreciation for those dedicating their time and energy to your learning journey (that includes midwives, MDs, nurses, MAs, patients etc), take the pearls of wisdom that you glean and create an approach to care that feels good to you.”





Carrie Foster

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Track​ – Carrie Foster, ARNP​

“As much as you can be gentle with yourself. No one expects perfection- it does not exists. Show up with an open mind ready to learn and be sure to treat yourself with an endless amount of kindness and self care during this time of tremendous growth.



Lisa Davidson

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Track​ –   Lisa Davidson, DNP, CPNP​

“Never stop learning, stay positive and passionate and do your best wear ever you are. Ask for feedback, ask someone to watch you, and be gracious with feedback, growing will not end.”





Amy Curtis

Population Health Nursing Track​ –  Amy Curtis​, BSN

“Don’t ever discount your journey and the impact that you can have on others. The theory and competency in skills will come in time but the heart of who you are is important to someone, somewhere and that is transformative. Learn to be with people and with intention because that is the stuff that makes the best kinds of leaders in nursing. Be curious, be bold and lean into others when you need it as there will times when the overwhelm is more than you think you can bare. Give yourself permission to be human and use your voice for advocacy because that will help to keep you centered in self and in your practice.”



Ginni Buccola

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Track​ – Ginni Buccola, DNP, PMHNP-BC​

“Seek a wide variety of clinical experiences, use each placement experience to build your own personal style and practice, and most importantly, don’t be afraid to make a mistake–we’re there to help and support your learning!”