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The Center for Global Health Nursing increases the visibility of nurses’ positive contributions and diverse roles in improving health globally. It HOSEY KENYA EKGstewards early career nurses interested in global health. It promotes nursing membership in global decision-making forums. It strengthens nursing institutes in other countries. It teaches all students to provide culturally congruent care in any community they serve.

Thanks to the global work of faculty members, our future nurse leaders gain a fundamental understanding of the way culture impacts health and a deep appreciation for diversity and health equity – lessons that will have a profound impact on any community they serve, whether that community is in Seattle’s Madrona neighborhood or in Mozambique.

Your gifts to the Center for Global Health Nursing fund will make it possible for faculty, staff and students to improve the health of communities in Seattle and around the world. Please make a gift to the UW School of Nursing and help create a world of good.

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