Engaging With Aging

Engaging With Aging

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Faculty emerita Doris Carnevali has written in the area of nursing diagnosis and management applied to health related daily living. As she aged (now 95), she applied these perspectives to her own aging and daily living.

Recently she received encouragement to begin writing again; this time a blog about her experiences in approaching aging in this exploratory way. Inexperienced in this genre of writing, she dubiously dipped her toe in the water and eventually decided to take the plunge.

She’s sharing her own thoughts on the aging experience – both as nurse and elder in an Engaging With Aging blog.

Doris says, “I’m writing to ‘elders’ and ‘yet-to-be elders.’ This is absolutely not a ‘how to’. There are no panaceas just a sharing of experiences, explorations, ideas, and an invitation to try out engaging with aging instead of just living it.”

Check out her blog at https://engagingwithagingblog.wordpress.com.