Study abroad and funding

Study abroad and travel funding

The Center for Global Health Nursing works to increase educational opportunities for students and post-doctoral fellows who aspire to become global citizens, learn from different cultures and health settings, and share and contribute their knowledge and compassion. We encourage students at all degree levels to develop an understanding of global health issues and of cultural, economic and social factors that affect health and healthcare in the United States and abroad.

Opportunities for UW School of Nursing Students include:

  • Study abroad, including exploration seminars
  • Travel scholarships
  • Post-doctoral fellowships

Upcoming study abroad opportunities

Population Health in Action – Research and Implementation in Zimbabwe
Led by: Danuta Kasprzyk & Daniel Montano

Deadline: 11:59 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 31, 2018
Decision Date: Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2018
Program Description:
As a follow-on to “HIV/AIDS: Issues and Challenges” Honors Course Spring 2018 (Honors 222A/GH490B), we will lead students on a study abroad program to observe our work with our Zimbabwe public health research and implementation team, health care services and implementation research and evaluation offered by a Zimbabwe Ministry of Health and Child Care provincial medical directorate. Our program, Zichire, is a part of the Department of Community Medicine, College of Health Sciences, University of Zimbabwe. The Ministry of Health and Child Care Provincial Medical Directorate of the Matabeleland North Province will lead students through observations of research, evaluation, and health services in their province. A core component of this study abroad program is learning how public health research is translated to policies impacting population health in a lower-middle income country. Students will learn about and observe research, evaluation and implementation of public health programs, and clinical care programs all focused on improving population health.

To apply, please complete the online application by 11:59 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 31, 2018.
Please note, you do not need to be an honors student to participate.

2018 UW Global Nursing Scholars Program (Peru)

Applicants must demonstrate intermediate to advanced Spanish, demonstrated maturity, excellent interpersonal skills and self-motivation.

The Center for Global Health Nursing in collaboration with PARACAS (Program for Advanced Research Capacities for AIDS in Peru), is proud to offer two 2-3 month experiences in Peru as part of the 2018 UW Global Nursing Scholars Program. Graduate nursing students will be paired with students and mentors from Peru to undertake one of two projects in either Puente Piedra (Lima) or Iquitos. Please note this experience comes with financial support.

Selected scholars will benefit from this novel international and inter-professional experience, which will culminate in a formal presentation to the local health authorities and other relevant stakeholders. To apply for this program, please fill out and submit the 2018 CGHN Common Fieldwork Funding & Global Nursing Scholars Program Application

Deadline: Friday, March 2nd 11:59 pm

Exploration seminars

Exploration Seminars are short-term study abroad programs (3-4 weeks) led by UW faculty that take place during the gap period between the end of the UW summer quarter and beginning of autumn quarter. Similar to UW Programs, Exploration Seminars focus on specific themes pertinent to the program location. Most Exploration Seminars do not require foreign language background. Students earn five credits for the seminar.

Disability in Limited Resource Settings: South Africa
Led by: Mark Harniss & Kendra Liljenquist

Deadline: TBD
Decision Date: TBD
Program Description
This study abroad program addresses health, development and disability within low and middle-income countries. Using South Africa as a cultural, political and socioeconomic context, students will explore a wide range of issues related to disability. Specifically, students will explore the intersections of disability, gender, race and economic status through a lens of international human rights. Students will examine issues central to health care and rehabilitative services, accessibility of built environments and information technologies, and access and barriers to education and employment.

This program will be held in three locations across South Africa: Cape Town, Worcester and Madwaleni

We will spend our first week in Cape Town attending workshops led by professors at Stellenbosch University and the University of Cape Town. We will then spend a week in Worcester at the Stellenbosch University Ukwanda Rural Clinical School, about 90 minutes from Cape Town. During this time, we will learn about special considerations for rural health practice and prepare for our community project in Madwaleni. Following our time in Worcester, we will fly to East London and drive to Madwaleni along the Eastern Cape. Here, we will partner with local villages, health centers and the Donald Woods Centre to conduct a community survey of vulnerable children throughout the region.

Please check back soon for application information

Public Health Uganda: An exploration of health in Uganda (Exploration Seminar)
Led by: Amy Hagopian, Scott Barnhart, Samuel Luboga, and Susan Nasssaka

Deadline: TBD
Decision Date: TBD
Program Description
Students will engage in a month-long exploration of what makes people healthy and what undermines health in Uganda. The two U.W.-based faculty, Amy Hagopian and Scott Barnhart, have worked in Uganda for about 10 years. We have strong relationship with Professor Sam Luboga, our on-site program director, who has taught in the medical school at Makerere University in Kampala for many years. (The three have conducted research together, written publications together, and worked on multiple projects.) Because Uganda was colonized by the British, the primary language in universities and business is English, although local people also speak Luganda. This program, focused on the root causes of health and illness, is offered for the first time this year, is one of the few offerings in Africa, and is closely aligned with the goals of the new University of Washington Population Health Initiative led by President Cauce.

Students will each select one of Uganda’s key health problems (maternal and infant mortality, children’s diarrhea, HIV, tuberculosis, malaria, road traffic injuries, respiratory tract infections and cancer) and trace back the causes of these health problems to immediate and underlying causes. Each student will choose one of the problems, and prior to leaving for Uganda will conduct enough research (using UW library resources) to describe in a 5-page paper how the disease operates biologically and what the immediate causes are. Once on site in Uganda, students will learn more about the manifestations, care and treatment of these problems in the health system, through both lecture and clinical observation.

Please check back soon for application information

UW Office of International Programs & Exchanges

The UW Office of International Programs & Exchanges (IP&E) site provides information about numerous study abroad programs, particularly for undergraduates. Some are organized and led by UW faculty; some are organized by other universities and colleges in the U.S. and abroad, with the UW accepting credits from these schools. Many of these are not compatible with nursing curriculum, but there are some summer opportunities with health components. IP&E also offers some scholarships for students participating in UW study abroad programs. Students can apply for scholarships through IP&E.

Fieldwork and travel scholarships

Deadline: Friday, March 2, 2018

Kenya Exploration Seminar 2015

Kenya Exploration Seminar 2015

The Center for Global Health Nursing offers a variety of scholarships and fellowships to help support students’ fieldwork experience in global settings. Students are encouraged to seek out immersive experiences in health care systems and societies both within and outside of the United States. Scholarships may be granted up to $4,000, but vary based on the award and the nature of the applicant’s proposal.

These awards are made possible by the generous support of our donors to the following scholarships:

To apply, please submit the completed 2018 CGHN Common Fieldwork Funding & Global Nursing Scholars Program Application to by 11:59 p.m. PST Friday, March 2, 2018.

Global Health Resource Center Fieldwork scholarships

A number of scholarships from the Department of Global Health are open to all graduate students. These include the George Povey Social Justice and Activism in Global Health, GO Health, Stergachis Endowed Fellowship for International Exchange, SCOPE and Thomas Francis, Jr. Global Health Fellowships.

UW Study Abroad Scholarships

The UW study abroad office offers scholarships to students studying abroad and participating in exploration seminars. In order to apply, please fill out a short questionnaire on your UW Study Abroad program application. Scholarship awards are announced within one month of the program priority application deadline.

More information can be found here

Other study abroad resources

The Global Health Resource Center (GHRC): This center connects individuals interested in global health, coordinates activities, events and information, and catalyzes opportunities for international exchange. See, in particular, the calendar of events, newsletter and listserv.
U.S. State Department Students Abroad: This website provides resources and information for  is tailored for students traveling abroad. Inform yourself about travel documents, how to find embassies, travel insurance and other preparations.

CGHN Post-DNP Fellowship

UW Global & Rural Health Fellowship Program DNP- Alaska

The UW SON’s Center for Global Health Nursing and the Alaskan Health Board is recruiting 1‐2 DNPs to work in Alaska for a 12 month period beginning July 1, 2019. These candidates will be part of the UW Global and Rural health fellows program and will have the opportunity to practice in Alaska at both Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC) and the Eastern Aleutian Tribal Clinics for a period of one year. Subsequently, Fellows may extend for another year in Alaska or participate in a 3‐6 month global health fellowship focusing on community health and/or research in Kenya, Peru, Liberia or Nepal. Fellows will benefit from monthly seminar meetings, inter‐professional education with linked medical fellows, and faculty mentorship throughout the duration of their fellowship. Also support for global related coursework during the summer period at UW will be supported.

• ARNP license in Alaska (required prior to starting work)
• Current DEA registration
• Current BLS, ACLS, ATLS and PALS certification
• Desired Requirements:
• Clinical experience in rural and underserved populations

Please check back soon for application information

Pre- and Post-doctoral Fellowships

Post-doctoral fellowships are offered through our partner programs in the Department of Global Health. Nursing doctoral candidates are encouraged to apply for the following programs.

Afya Bora

The Afya Bora Consortium is a partnership of four African and four U.S. universities formed to provide future global health leaders with practical skills that are currently not part of traditional training in the health professions.

Global Health fellows

The Fogarty Global Health Fellowship Program is an 11-month clinical research training program for post-doctorate trainees and doctoral students in the health professions.

Center for AIDS and STDs training program

The NIH-supported UW STD & AIDS Research Training Program’s goal is to train the next generation of leaders in STD and AIDS research, and since its inception in 1974, has trained more than 57 predoctoral and 146 postdoctoral trainees.