Study abroad and funding

Study abroad and travel funding

The Center for Global Health Nursing works to increase educational opportunities for students and post-doctoral fellows who aspire to become global citizens, learn from different cultures and health settings, and share and contribute their knowledge and compassion. We encourage students at all degree levels to develop an understanding of global health issues and of cultural, economic and social factors that affect health and healthcare in the United States and abroad.

Opportunities for UW School of Nursing Students include:

  • Study abroad, including exploration seminars
  • Travel scholarships
  • Post-doctoral fellowships

Upcoming study abroad opportunities

*Please note you do not need to be an Honors student to participate

2017 UW Global Nursing Scholars (Peru)

Deadline: 11:59 p.m. Friday, April 21, 2017

In collaboration with Paracas, UW Global Nursing Scholars is offering two, six-week experiences in Peru. Graduate nursing students will be paired with students and mentors from Peru to undertake one of two projects. Selected scholars will benefit from this novel international and inter-professional experience, which will culminate in a formal presentation to the local health authorities and other relevant stakeholders.

Peunte Piedra (Lima)

This project involves a needs assessment examining the feasibility of school-based health care in the neighborhood of Puente Piedra, set in the impoverished northern cone of Lima. Scholars will be provided with onsite housing and meals at the local orphanage run by nuns. The school of Pitagoras and local government in Puente Piedra are interested in implementing school-based health care, however there important questions, such as identifying greatest needs, arranging for staffing, designing and creating the health care space. We anticipate this collaborative work will identify existing barriers and facilitators to establishing a school-based health center, as well as propose next steps to initiate a feasible and sustainable program, possibly incorporating a partnership between Schools of Nursing in Peru and Seattle and the community of Puente Piedra.


Graduate students in this project will be paired with local nursing students in the Amazon city of Iquitos, Peru to conduct a multidisciplinary action research project with colleagues from the Universidad Nacional de Amazonia Peruana and Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos as well as University of Washington students from the Built Environment, Medicine, Environmental Health, and Environmental Engineering. The applied research project will target health, health care delivery, and/or health care access, and complement the work of the entire team.


For both opportunities, applicants must demonstrate intermediate to advanced Spanish, demonstrated maturity, excellent interpersonal skills and self-motivation.

To apply, please submit the completed 2017 CGHN Common Fieldwork Funding & Global Nursing Scholars Program Application to by 11:59 p.m. Friday, April 21, 2017.

Exploration seminars

Exploration Seminars are short-term study abroad programs (3-4 weeks) led by UW faculty that take place during the gap period between the end of the UW summer quarter and beginning of autumn quarter. Similar to UW Programs, Exploration Seminars focus on specific themes pertinent to the program location. Most Exploration Seminars do not require foreign language background. Students earn five credits for the seminar.

UW Office of International Programs & Exchanges

The UW Office of International Programs & Exchanges (IP&E) site provides information about numerous study abroad programs, particularly for undergraduates. Some are organized and led by UW faculty; some are organized by other universities and colleges in the U.S. and abroad, with the UW accepting credits from these schools. Many of these are not compatible with nursing curriculum, but there are some summer opportunities with health components. IP&E also offers some scholarships for students participating in UW study abroad programs. Students can apply for scholarships through IP&E.

Fieldwork and travel scholarships

Deadline: 11:59 p.m. Friday, April 21, 2017

Kenya Exploration Seminar 2015

Kenya Exploration Seminar 2015

The Center for Global Health Nursing offers a variety of scholarships and fellowships to help support students’ fieldwork experience in global settings. Students are encouraged to seek out immersive experiences in health care systems and societies both within and outside of the United States. Scholarships may be granted up to $4,000, but vary based on the award and the nature of the applicant’s proposal.

These awards are made possible by the generous support of our donors to the following scholarships:

To apply, please submit the completed 2017 CGHN Common Fieldwork Funding & Global Nursing Scholars Program Application to by 11:59 p.m. Friday, April 21, 2017.

Global Health Resource Center Fieldwork scholarships

A number of scholarships from the Department of Global Health are open to all graduate students. These include the George Povey Social Justice and Activism in Global Health, GO Health, Stergachis Endowed Fellowship for International Exchange, SCOPE and Thomas Francis, Jr. Global Health Fellowships.

Other study abroad resources

The Global Health Resource Center (GHRC): This center connects individuals interested in global health, coordinates activities, events and information, and catalyzes opportunities for international exchange. See, in particular, the calendar of events, newsletter and listserv.
U.S. State Department Students Abroad: This website provides resources and information for  is tailored for students traveling abroad. Inform yourself about travel documents, how to find embassies, travel insurance and other preparations.

Pre- and Post-doctoral Fellowships

Post-doctoral fellowships are offered through our partner programs in the Department of Global Health. Nursing doctoral candidates are encouraged to apply for the following programs.

Afya Bora

The Afya Bora Consortium is a partnership of four African and four U.S. universities formed to provide future global health leaders with practical skills that are currently not part of traditional training in the health professions.

Global Health fellows

The Fogarty Global Health Fellowship Program is an 11-month clinical research training program for post-doctorate trainees and doctoral students in the health professions.

Center for AIDS and STDs training program

The NIH-supported UW STD & AIDS Research Training Program’s goal is to train the next generation of leaders in STD and AIDS research, and since its inception in 1974, has trained more than 57 predoctoral and 146 postdoctoral trainees.