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Gail Kieckhefer PhD, ARNP, PCPNP, AE-C

Professor emeritus
Washington Asthma Initiative
Puget Sound Asthma Coalition
National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners & WA State Chapter
Child Health Alliance

I began my nursing career as a staff nurse at St Joseph’s Hospital in Milwaukee WI but within a year moved to the field of public health nursing with the City of Milwaukee. There I was a school nurse, staffed well-baby clinics and sexual health clinics. I also made home visits within the geographic area of my school nurse responsibilities. I became deeply committed to improving child and family health during those years. I later became educated as a pediatric clinical nurse specialist at St Louis University School of Nursing later teaching there and practicing at Cardinal Glennon Pediatric Hospital. I became a pediatric nurse practitioner and moved to do a Robert Wood Johnson Faculty Fellowship in Primary Care at the University of Colorado, Denver when Loretta Ford was on faculty there. While there I worked in a private practice with a pediatrician and physician assistant before moving to Seattle to complete my PhD in Nursing Science at the University of Washington. During that time I practiced inpatient and outpatient at the Seattle Children’s Hospital on a per diem basis. I subsequently completed a 2 year Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Nurse Scholar’s Fellowship at the University of California, San Francisco working with an interdisciplinary team of Robert Pantel, MD and Catherine Lewis, Child Psychologist before returning to Seattle to take a position at Seattle Pacific University. I ultimately became a UW faculty member in 1988 and became the Joanne Montgomery Endowed Professor in 2007. I have a passion for the pediatric advanced practice students and the Pediatric Pulmonary Center Interdisciplinary Training grant team.

What classes do you teach?

NMETH801DNP Capstone Project
NCLIN 502 Pediatric Health Assessment

What do you love about the UW School of Nursing?

I love the students at the UW. The graduate students in the pediatric advanced practice programs are of the highest caliber. They are surely the future nursing leaders in the field of pediatric nursing. They make each class session a wonderful learning opportunity for all.

I also love my faculty colleagues in the Department of Family and Child Nursing and the wonderful staff who provide expert support of everything done at this school.


Family and Child Nursing

Research Areas

  • Innovative Interventions
  • Symptom Science
  • Health Equity
  • Lifespan Health

Research Centers

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University of Washington School of Nursing
Box 357262
1959 NE Pacific St.
Seattle, WA 98195

Office: T415D