National Student Nurses Day

Every year the King County Nurses Association award scholarships to help ensure the future of nursing in the community. This year there were eight students awarded.

  • Libby Erickson – ABSN
  • Mihkai Wickline – PhD
  • Kibrome Feleke – ABSN
  • Julie Little – DNP, FNP
  • Trina Tran Le – BSN
  • Kimberly Henriquez – DNP, PHSL
  • Faith Mutuku – BSN 1
  • Rudi Mondragon, ABSN

On April 27-30 Seattle/King County clinic had free dental, vision, and medical care for those who have difficulty accessing or affording healthcare. Our students volunteered at this clinic and were outstanding. Description of the clinic and photos are below.

The Clinic is successful because of the ownership by the greater community, as well as countless partners, volunteers, donors and others. They especially counted on the commitment and collaboration this year to help return to full operation after a 3-year hiatus. Because of this community engagement, they achieved our goal and served over 3,000 patients.

In addition to the level of service provided, the ripple effect the Clinic creates is not to be overlooked:

  • Generating greater awareness about the realities of our healthcare system.
  • Deepening our connection to underserved communities.
  • Prompting further discussion and collaboration around solutions to the healthcare crisis.
  • Connecting patients to resources in the community that can provide continued care.
  • Inspiring volunteerism.

While these outcomes are incredibly important, it is the human connections made that are most impactful. For many Clinic patients, having their struggles acknowledged and being treated with respect are as meaningful as any service they receive.