Mary Mahoney Professional Nurses Organization

During Black History Month, we’re proud to recognize and celebrate Mary Mahoney Professional Nurses Organization (MMPNO).  

Mary Mahoney

Established in 1949, the Mary Mahoney Professional Nurses Organization is a completely volunteer organization of nurses throughout the greater Seattle area. Their organization is named in honor of Mary Mahoney, the pioneering first graduate nurse of color in the United States, who graduated from the New England Hospital for Women and Children in Boston, Mass. in 1879. Mahoney was one of the women who finished the program, making her the first African American in the US to earn a professional nursing license. 

Mary Mahoney Professional Nurses Organization’s mission is to provide financial aid and scholarships to students of African heritage who pursue studies leading to careers in professional nursing. 

Scholarship recipients usually are working while in school, have families, and continue to maintain grade point averages above 3.5. They are the embodiment of resilience, compassion, and a desire to provide excellent nursing care to others. 

Mary Mahoney Professional Nurses Organization – photo taken in 2018

The School of Nursing has recognized MMPNO for their contributions. In 2018, they were received the annual UW Health Sciences Martin Luther King Jr. Service Award – The service award honors individuals or groups who exemplify Dr. King’s principles through a commitment to addressing community needs, particularly communities of color and low income, development and implementation of significant programs to improve the human condition, and outstanding efforts to protect and empower all individuals.

In addition in 2018 at the Nurses of Influence Banquet, they received the Peter Dyer Heart of Nursing Award. The award acknowledges an individual or group who embodies the ideals of the UW School of Nursing and whose leadership, dedication, and contributions reflect an ongoing commitment to advance the nursing profession. This award was created in honor and memory of Peter Dyer – nursing advocate, donor, and friend. 

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