GNM students

Registering under Graduate Non-Matriculated status

If admitted to the School of Nursing, you will receive guidance about how to register as a GNM student for your course(s) at that time. Many of our programs are fee-based, which makes a number of courses ineligible for state employee tuition exemption.

GNM students who have permission to take a course and are not using a tuition exemption benefit will register before the start of the quarter of admission by submitting forms to the UW Non-Degree Enrollment Office, located off campus in the University District.

A tuition-exempt GNM student with permission to take a course from a non-fee-based program/track will register on the 3rd or 4th day of the quarter as outlined in the UW State Employee Tuition Exemption guidelines. Please note you must have already received student status to take advantage of the tuition exemption benefit.