When do we start IVs?

IV starts are an advanced skill and students are usually instructed on this skill during their senior year.

When can I use the Simulation Center?

The Simulation Center is open variable hours depending on the quarter. Learn more.

When can I practice in the Simulation Center outside my scheduled class?

Students need to contact the Simulation Center to make arrangements to practice in the Lab outside of scheduled class time.

I left my book in the Simulation Center. Do you have a lost and found?

Left items, such as books, coats, etc., are placed in the lost and found bin next to the Simulation Center office door. Items not claimed by the end of the quarter will be discarded or donated.

I am a graduate student, and I want to do a special project in the simulation center. Who do I contact?

Any special projects done in the lab by faculty, TAs or students (simulation, teaching skills, evaluation) will be coordinated with the lab director. Contact the Sim Center at simctr@uw.edu.

How do I contact someone in the CENE?

Students can contact the Simulation Center staff by e-mailing simctr@uw.edu. The lab email is checked Monday through Friday when classes are in session.

Do we practice injections on each other?

Students practice injections on mannequins and on each other. Students will need to sign an IV Starts Consent Form before any invasive procedure is performed on them in the Simulation Center.

Can I take syringes and needles home to practice?

No. Invasive equipment/supplies are not allowed outside of the simulation center.

Can I check out equipment?

Yes. Equipment can be checked out. Students are required to fill out an equipment check-out form and follow the Simulation Center guidelines for borrowing equipment. If equipment is not returned, students are held accountable. Equipment like BP cuffs and otoscopes may be checked out for a week at a time. Patient gowns can be checked out for an entire quarter. Faculty must also sign out equipment.