2023 Midwife experiences

Midwifery is a partnership between a woman and her midwife, based on mutual respect and trust, health systems and other health professionals can learn a lot from this partnership. To celebrate International Day of the Midwife, we asked individuals who had a midwife as their provider to share their experiences.

Sarah’s baby Georgia

“My midwife team is the reason I had a wonderful antenatal experience! My prenatal appointments with them were honestly one of my favorite parts of pregnancy- they were so respectful, understanding, and helpful with all my issues! During birth, I truly believe they were the reason I had an uncomplicated and safe delivery. During postpartum, they met with me regularly for the first three months to really make sure I was okay and getting the help I needed. The midwifery model is seriously the best and I highly recommend it for everyone who can!”- Angelica

“I had a wonderful midwife and midwife in training attend the home birth of my third daughter. It was by far my easiest birth–my water broke around midnight and by 7:30am I was making coffee.” – Sarah


I got prenatal care at the Kaiser Permanente Capitol Hill Midwifery Clinic and loved it. For my two pregnancies, I had a team of midwives that were attentive and caring, answering my multitude of questions and calming my concerns. During my labor and delivery, one of them came to the hospital and assisted me and my husband. It was reassuring to have someone there with whom I had already established a relationship, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic when I had my second child.” – Jennifer

“My midwife team for both my children were amazing. Each visit, they took their time to chat, answer any questions or concerns, never making me feel rushed.  I felt heard, validated, educated and empowered. During the birthing sessions my midwife was my rock, my cheerleader and my confidant- making sure to guide me but to also trusting me and my body throughout the process. Through their stellar care and individualized approach I was able to navigate my pregnancy and birth how I wanted while feeling safe and supported! Midwives rock!” – Carly

Kristine’s baby Benjamin

“After having an emergency c-section with my first, I was considering a VBAC with my second. My midwife asked me questions and made sure I was ready for a VBAC by asking questions like “How far do you want to take this?” Honestly, I wasn’t sure. But then 4 days before my scheduled c-section my water broke and I was a good candidate for the VBAC so I went with it. I felt so supported during my labor. She was so thoughtful about the process and next steps, tried to keep me calm and was overall caring. Even through my prenatal appointments she was so supportive, asked all the questions and was even friendly, talked a little bit our personal lives. I am grateful for my amazing care.” – Kristine