For Faculty

There are a number of ways that School of Nursing faculty can engage in international exchanges or collaboration. These include participating in a UW or SoN faculty exchange, spending time abroad during a sabbatical leave, leading a student study abroad program, collaborating on research with international colleagues, hosting a visiting scholar, or advising a visiting international doctoral student. Faculty members are also encouraged to contact Jocelyn Maher, Program Coordinator for International Programs (, to discuss ideas and opportunities for international activities.

  • Lead a School of Nursing Student Study Abroad Program
  • Develop an Exploration Seminar
  • Exploration Seminars provide UW students with programs that get them out of the classroom and into their world, delving into timely, cutting edge topics. They are offered during the "early fall start" between summer and fall quarters. See the UW Exploration Seminar website for information on proposing a seminar.

Fulbright Programs