Academics at the UW School of Nursing

Students at the UW School of Nursing are part of a select group of students and faculty from all over the world who are passionate about improving health care through practice and research.  You are studying at a premier research university and learning from leaders in the nursing profession.

While you are here, take advantage of our international opportunities or get involved by joining one of our many nursing student leadership groups.  We regularly update our financial support blog for nursing students who are looking for funding opportunities, such as scholarships and Teaching Assistant, Research Assistant, or Student Assistant job openings.

UW nursing students maintain a high level of professionalism.  You will be working with a diverse population of students, staff, faculty, and patients while adhering to school standards of compassion, integrity, and responsibility.  Responsibilities as a nursing student include:

  • Maintaining current compliance, such as immunizations, CPR training, and a background check
  • Following Essential Behaviors for both undergrad and graduate students, including effective communication and sound judgment
  • High academic standards

Current nursing students will work closely with faculty as well as staff in the Student and Academic Services office as they progress through their programs of study.  We look forward to working with you as you pursue a career in nursing.