School policies

Memo 30: Employment of Graduate Students Receiving Federal Funding

Graduate nursing students receiving funds from a traineeship or from a federal National Research Service Award (NRSA) who are seeking additional employment within the University of Washington may ONLY be employed in positions that:

  1. have a student title, such as Research Assistant (RA) or Teaching Assistant (TA) OR pay at a student salary level; and
  2. do not exceed 10 hours of work per week; and
  3. the student’s work on the grant does not result in the development of their dissertation

Students wishing employment that does not adhere to these guidelines must submit a letter of petition to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

A graduate student holding a Graduate Student Service Appointment (GSA) may not exceed 20 hours of work per week without petition to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in the School of Nursing and to the UW Graduate School.

Revised September 2000