School policies

Memo 48: Graduate Non-Matriculated (GNM) Applications & Admissions

Rationale for Policy Update

  • The majority of GNM applicants want to take courses in that are now offered through the School’s Doctor of Nursing Practice degree program. Given this, the Master’s Coordinating Committee should no longer have purview over GNM applications.
  • The GNM application fee increased to $75 and is non-refundable.


  1. Responsibility for application review and decision:
    1. DNPCC has purview over GNM application review for student who would like to pursue educational preparation as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse.
    2. If a current PhD student applies as a GNM, PhDCC will have purview over the application review.
    3. MCC will continue to review applications from prospective students for our MN (Community Health) and MS (Clinical Informatics and Patient-Centered Technologies) degree programs/options.
  2. GNM applications will continue to be reviewed only three times annually (UW allows 4x/annually) given 9-month faculty and Coordinating Committee appointments; the School will not accept late applications (i.e., applications received after published deadlines);
  3. GNMs may not enroll in DNP core courses


  1. Annually, in Autumn quarter, DNPCC will generate an approved list of courses in which GNM students may enroll and forward results to Student and Academic Services for posting
  2. Annually, in Autumn quarter, Student and Academic Services will provide an annual training session for GNM advisors about University and School of Nursing rules, regulations, and best practices in GNM advising

Approved by SON Executive Team August 2013
Revised September 2013