School of Nursing

June 17, 2019

What an amazing 2018-2019 year!

It’s hard to believe that another academic year is coming to an end! This has been an outstanding year and every one of you have contributed to our School’s success in a multitude of ways.

I encourage you to take a look at this year end review that we have compiled to celebrate our accomplishments and successes during this academic year. I trust you will be as impressed as I am with all that we have done this year and that you will feel a sense of pride for your efforts on the School’s behalf.

Thank you for your commitment, dedication, and strong support for this amazing School. I am so blessed to be surrounded with amazing faculty, staff, students, supporters, colleagues, and friends. I hope you will continue to stay connected with us.

I wish you all a wonderful summer full of quality time with family, friends and, of course, relaxation. I look forward to returning refreshed and ready to continue our momentum in the Fall of 2019.

Thank you for a fantastic year!