School of Nursing

June 9, 2017

What a year!

Azita Emami

What a year. I think many of us — myself included — have experienced more passion, shock, sorrow and joy than one year could possibly hold. And still, here we are, in June, celebrating the end of your school year, and for some of you, the end of this stage of your schooling.

Through it all, you put your heads down and worked. And you have achieved so much.

We often hear how important a professor is in a student’s life — as influencers, motivators, mentors. Less often do we hear how profoundly important you, our students, are in our lives. Your fresh ideas inspire us to pursue new lines of research and your inquisitiveness fuels our teaching. You are the pride of our school and our export into the world and the lives of countless people and patients.

I truly hope you are as proud of the work you have done this year as we are of you. Enjoy your summer. For our graduates, congratulations. You have earned your degree through dedication and the nursing profession is better and richer because you have joined us.

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