School of Nursing

January 4, 2021

Welcome to Winter Quarter

Happy New Year, and welcome back from a holiday break that I hope you were able to enjoy as fully as possible.

Though we call it a “break,” many of our students used the time to volunteer their professional skills to administer the initial doses of COVID-19 vaccine to hundreds of health care workers at area hospitals and public health facilities. The first round of vaccinations is protecting those working on the frontline of this pandemic and I’m very proud that we are instrumental in these efforts.

I know that 2020 was a very challenging year for everyone. I commend you for working as a community, helping each other, finding ways to innovate, and overcoming every challenge as it arose.

While the arrival of effective vaccines offers considerable hope that we will prevail over the virus, we’re not there yet. That means we must accept at least another quarter with mostly remote learning and remote work as the primary option. It also means that we must not let our guard down in terms of protective measures. We remain in Phase 2 of our campus COVID-19 Safe Start Plan and I ask that you please continue to make your safety and the safety of those around you the highest priority. Wear a mask and appropriate PPE, maintain social distancing, and wash your hands frequently.

As any skier will tell you, the greatest risk of injury is the last run of the day, when the end is in sight and you’re tired. When it comes to the pandemic, we cannot afford to relax our vigilance or diligence. Keep in mind that your actions affect not just you, but all those around you.

There are many reasons for optimism as we head into a new year with the tools at hand to turn the tide on the pandemic. Let’s continue to support one another, move forward, stay focused, and be positive.

And just a reminder that if you need help, extensive resources are at your disposal. Students can connect to health and wellness resources, including mental health resources and the Hall Health Center. Faculty and staff can access a comprehensive list of wellness, counseling and mental health services through the Whole U and CareLink. Please do not hesitate to make use of these resources.