School of Nursing

March 16, 2020

We Are Honored

The UW School of Nursing was recently ranked #1 among public and private schools of nursing offering a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree (tied with Columbia University, School of Nursing), and #2 among public schools that offer a master’s degree (tied for #6 overall, public and private schools of nursing).

The annual US News and World Report rankings are a measure of our stature among public and private nursing schools. We are honored to be recognized for the excellence of our teaching, research, and public service.

There are many ways to be #1. Rankings are one measure of excellence. Of equal importance to us is the way in which our school of nursing has been a leader nationally and globally in advocating for health care equity, a greater role for nurses in all aspects of health care, and better understanding of the role social determinants play in shaping health outcomes.

We don’t seek high rankings; we earn them as a result of our commitment to excellence in teaching, research, and public service. We are respected by our peers and our profession, because we excel in discovering new knowledge, educating nurse-leaders at all degree levels, advocating on a national and global basis for health care equity and access, and providing exemplary public service. We have built an institution whose foundation is a strong commitment to our core values including diversity, equity, and inclusion.

We educate our graduates to always think about the ways in which they can expand their horizons and serve not only their patients but also the profession and the entire health care community. We recognize that nursing is now a global profession, and we encourage students to have a global perspective and to see themselves as policy makers, researchers, educators, and senior administrators/CNOs and CEOs, as well as clinicians.

We will continue striving to be excellent as educators, researchers, and clinicians to impact our global and local communities and to promote the health of all people.