School of Nursing

December 4, 2017

Update on the impact of proposed tax bill H.R. 1 on graduate students

Azita Emami

Dear School of Nursing Graduate Students:

I know you have concerns about the current tax legislation and its impact on many aspects of your lives, from the taxability of student income from research and teaching positions to the possible loss of healthcare insurance access. In some cases, your parents or others who are helping provide you financial assistance may be affected by changes in the tax structure.

With the U.S. Senate having passed its own version of the bill late Friday night, there are now two extremely large and complex pieces of legislation whose considerable differences must be reconciled in a Senate/House conference. That process results in a unified bill that goes back to both the Senate and House for final passage, which is not expected to happen until later this month (if then).

The best thing you can do now is speak up. I encourage you to use your voice to tell your Senate and House representatives why they should support legislation that gives favorable treatment to graduate students. You are the future.

We will keep you posted as we learn about the reconciled bill and its treatment of graduate student income.