Clinical rotations

Real-world experience

The UW School of Nursing Seattle campus places students for hands-on clinical learning experiences in many different health care organizations and community sites throughout the Puget Sound region and beyond.

School and site requirements

Requirements for each clinical site varies. Some sites may require the submission of personal identifying information, including health-related information and the full or portion of one’s social security number. The School of Nursing will assist students for whom this might pose a problem.

Protecting the safety of our students and facilitating their academic progression is our top priority. If this raises a concern for you, steps can be taken to ensure equitable access to quality clinical learning experiences. For questions and assistance, please contact the Director of Student Academic Services, Patrick Tufford (

In addition to meeting School of Nursing compliance requirements, you must also meet all clinical agency requirements. These may include:

  • site orientation
  • dress code
  • fingerprinting
  • drug screening
  • evidence of military draft registration

Requirements must be completed prior to beginning your clinical rotation, or at the time designated by the site. Failure to do so may cancel your clinical placement.

School of Nursing requirements

Failure to meet School of Nursing compliance requirements will result in failure of the course. For undergraduate students, this means an inability to begin/continue in the BSN program for one calendar year.

Site orientation and requirements

Site orientation and computer training will be required at some clinical sites and is mandatory. Most of the clinical sites have site-specific requirements in addition to orientation.

Note the deadline for each site, as some require forms to be submitted six weeks in advance of your rotation. If your site is not listed, contact your preceptor directly for more information.

Clinical passport

Many clinical sites (e.g., Evergreen Medical Center, Swedish Medical Center, Virginia Mason Medical Center) require that we send verification of your compliance status (including immunization history) quarterly using the Clinical Passport. If any of your compliance items have lapsed or are outstanding, you cannot go on-site.  Please email if you are enrolled in a clinical site that requires the Clinical Passport.

Observation only visits

Students and SoN faculty/instructors attending clinical sites for observation purposes, site visits, data collection, research projects, etc. must meet the clinical site’s requirements in addition to the SoN requirements. If you have any questions about student compliance, please email

Graduate student employment at clinical sites

Please review the Student and Academic Services memorandum Clinical Placements of Graduate Students at a Clinical Site Where They are Employed if you are currently employed by a clinical site that you will also attend for a clinical rotation.

Important note

All clinical placements are at the sole discretion of the School of Nursing. The School of Nursing has the right to take immediate action and remove a student temporarily from a clinical course and/or clinical site if there are serious academic, Essential Behaviors or patient safety concerns requiring investigation and resolution.

The School will notify the student and training site in writing of the effective date and reason for removal.

During the course of the investigation, the student has the right to meet with the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, appropriate Student and Academic Services personnel, and relevant course faculty to contribute to fact-finding.

After the investigation is complete, the student will be notified in writing of reinstatement to the course or final removal from the course.