Health insurance

Student accident and sickness insurance

The School of Nursing urges all students to have their own insurance coverage. If you do not currently have insurance, please visit to explore available plans. You are advised to confirm that your policy covers prophylactic treatment (e.g., for needlestick) until results of testing are known. If you are a graduate student who has a TA or RA appointment, you should visit the Graduate Appointee Insurance Program web page or email for more information about insurance coverage for graduate appointees.

Professional liability insurance protection

  1. Nursing faculty and/or students are covered for professional liability by the UW as long as the activity in question is definitely University-connected and sanctioned. School of Nursing coverage is in effect when the faculty member or student is:
    1. working in a program formally approved by the School of Nursing
    2. working in a program not formally approved by the School of Nursing, but is a program for which the University will extend individual professional liability coverage
    3. participating as an individual, with written authorization of the Dean, in a specified activity to which liability coverage is extended
  2. When a faculty member performs their expected faculty activities, they are acting on behalf of the UW and are covered by UW liability insurance. Student liability coverage, however, is extended only when acting “at the direction or request of or on behalf of the University.” In order for students to be protected, their student activities must occur under supervision of a faculty member. Clinical practice must occur in agencies where a legal contractual agreement has been established between the School of Nursing and the Agency.
  3. Faculty and students who are already registered professional nurses should consider that, in addition to their faculty and student status, they are also licensed as individual nursing practitioners. Conceivably, they could be held liable for their acts as autonomous professional individuals in addition to, or rather than, as faculty or students. Therefore, it is recommended that all faculty and registered professional nursing students protect themselves by carrying their own professional liability insurance. One type of this insurance can be purchased for a minimal annual premium through membership in the American Nurses Association (ANA); availability of liability protection is one of the benefits of membership in ANA. Insurance is also available for members of some nursing specialty organizations.
  4. Professional liability insurance provided by the UW does not cover nursing practice in any voluntary health clinic where the registered nurse acts as an individual volunteer and not at the direction of or on the behalf of the University. No student should attempt nursing services beyond their present level of educational preparation. Undergraduate, non-registered nursing students should make certain that any agency for which they perform volunteer services has a policymaking board which provides liability insurance for its volunteers and/or has a physician or nurse who will assume supervisory responsibility for such voluntary work.