Safety and security

Safety Precautions

  • There is safety in numbers. Use the “buddy system” when traveling to and from the Center, going to the restroom, or to outside exits.
  • Telephones are available in the CENE and in the central corridor. For security problems call 9-911.
  • The UWCares, 685-WALK, will escort you to a night ride stop or campus living facility. This service is available Autumn/Winter, 5:30 PM until 12:30 AM, Sunday through Thursday, and Spring, 8:30 PM until 12:30 AM, Sunday through Thursday.

Accountability and Security in the CENE

  • The CENE director is accountable for the security and safety of students, inventory and the activities that occur in the CENE.
  • The CENE TAs will assure that the Center is open and secured during posted CENE hours.
  • Clinical faculty requesting after-hours teaching with students will make arrangements with the CENE Director prior to doing so. The clinical faculty will be responsible for the security of the CENE during after hours teaching.