Infection control

Biological Hazards Precautions

  • Under no circumstance are students allowed to practice invasive procedures without the assistance of a faculty member.
  • No food or drinks are allowed in the CENE.
  • Hazardous Waste Containers are provided and are to be used for any materials contaminated with body fluids. Any surfaces in the CENE accidentally contaminated with body fluids should be cleaned promptly with sani-wipes. This is the responsibility of faculty/students at the time of contamination.
  • Needles and sharps are to be disposed of in proper receptacles.
  • The CENE is a “no latex” and fragrance-free lab.

Hand Hygiene

  • Appropriate hand hygiene is required in the CENE learning lab to reduce the risk of transmission of microorganisms.
  • Antiseptic soap and instant hand sanitizer are provided and are to be used in the CENE.
  • Hand hygiene includes:
    • Proper use of gloves to avoid contact with microorganisms contained in body fluids or body substances.
    • Proper hand washing with antimicrobial soap or hand sanitizer.
    • Keeping your hands in good shape by maintaining intact skin.
    • Do not work with draining lesions or open lesions on hands.
    • Do not wear artificial nails or extenders when performing nursing procedures.
  • Routine hand hygiene is expected:
    • Before and after performing nursing skills
    • Before putting on and after removing gloves
    • After using restroom facilities
    • Before eating