Student resources and policies

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students in the sim labUndergraduate students perform clinical simulation exercises in the learning lab. These simulations are integrated into your clinical courses and are designed to give you experience practicing nursing skills in a safe environment before performing those skills in the clinical setting. In your first quarter, you will be in the lab one or two times a week, practicing physical assessment skills and learning basic nursing skills such as:

  • transferring patients
  • calculating and delivering medications safely
  • providing nutrition
  • caring for acutely ill patients

Your time in the lab will build on what you are learning in your lecture courses, and every effort is made to assign patients in your clinical site to further reinforce skills and course content.

As you progress in your program, the simulation exercises become more focused to allow practice of more advanced skills pertinent to specific populations. You will be in the lab two to three times each quarter, practicing advanced nursing care such as:

  • caring for central lines
  • assessment of the laboring woman and newborn infant, and
  • developmental approach to pediatric patients and their families

In your senior practicum, you will have the opportunity to refine the skills you have learned in a series of sessions designed to encourage critical thinking and prepare you for your career as a professional registered nurse.

Graduate Students

Graduate students will learn physical examination skills in the learning lab. Depending on your track, you will practice advanced skills in the lab using mannequins, task training devices and simulated patients to provide you with the opportunity to practice techniques before performing them in the clinical setting.

Time in the lab varies per quarter, and labs are designed to reinforce what you are learning in your lecture courses.

Sim lab policies

The UW School of Nursing works to provide a safe and clinically authentic experiences for everyone using the simulation and learning lab. Learn more about: