Statistics concentration: course requirements

The Nursing Science Statistics Area of Concentration requires a minimum of fourteen credits of advanced statistical methods coursework above and beyond the 10 credits of statistics required for the PhD degree. Of these, two credits are fulfilled by the CSSS Seminar, and a minimum of 12 credits are fulfilled by at least four advanced statistics courses, three of which must come from the list of CSSS courses approved for the concentration.

All courses taken as part of the statistics concentration must be graded.*

CSSS seminar: minimum two credits

A minimum of 2 quarters in CS&SS is required.

Course Credits
CS&SS 590: CSSS Seminar 1

Approved CSSS advanced statistics course options

Course Credits
CS&SS 510: Maximum Likelihood Methods for the Social Sciences 5
CS&SS 526: Structural Equation Models for the Social Sciences 3
CS&SS 527: Survey Research Methods 4
CS&SS 529: Sample Survey Techniques 3
CS&SS 536: Analysis of Categorical and Count Data 3
CS&SS 544: Event History Analysis for the Social Sciences 5
CS&SS 560: Hierarchical Modeling for the Social Sciences 4
CS&SS 564: Bayesian Statistics for the Social Sciences 4
CS&SS 565: Inequality: Current Trends and Explanations 3
CS&SS 566: Causal Modeling 4
CS&SS 567: Statistical Analysis of Social Networks 4
CS&SS 568: Game Theory for Social Scientists 5
CS&SS 589: Multivariate Data Analysis for the Social Sciences 3 (max. 6)
CS&SS 594: Special Topics in Social Science and Statistics 1-5

Variation in area of concentration coursework

One advanced methodological course in nursing, political science, psychology, public health, sociology, statistics, economics, educational psychology, social welfare, and other related fields may be considered as part of the Nursing Science Statistics Area of Concentration four course requirements, if it contributes to the overall coherence of the student’s program of study and is consistent¬†with the student’s research goals. Such a course would be in addition to the ten credits of statistics courses required for the PhD in nursing.

*A 500-level course that is graded credit/no credit may be considered for inclusion in your Area of Concentration proposal if:

  • In the course, you submit an individual project [i.e., not a group project]; and
  • Major course assignments are submitted to your Supervisory Committee for review