Final quarter requirements

Completing Your Degree

The following steps must be taken the quarter you complete your degree:

  1. Register for at least 2 credits.
  2. Request the appointment of a reading committee by e-mailing your request to Copy your supervisory committee chair.
  3. Submit your request for your final exam to the Graduate School online via your MyGrad – Student View page at least 10 days before the exam is scheduled. You will need the date, time, and room of your exam, as well as the agreement of the members of your committee. Be sure all members of your committee have at least two weeks to read your final draft before the examination.
  4. Pick up your warrant from Student and Academic Services on the day of your exam, and return the signed warrant to Betsy Mau in Student and Academic Services after your exam is complete.
  5. When you have completed your dissertation, submit to Student and Academic Services:
    1. The warrant
    2. Two copies of your abstract — one in hard copy and one emailed to Betsy Mau (
    3. Signed Doctoral Degree Completion form
    4. Health Sciences photo identification badge and Access card
  6. Return all keys for offices/carrel rooms in the Health Sciences Building to whomever issued them
  7. Submit to the Graduate School:
    1. An electronic transmittal of your final dissertation by the last day of the quarter, according to ETD instructions
    2. Doctoral Dissertation Reading Committee Approval form with the original signatures
    3. Survey of Earned Doctorates (SED) Certification of Completion

Graduation Ceremony Information

If you are graduating Summer, Autumn, or Winter Quarter and want to participate in the School of Nursing Convocation the June following your graduation: Convocation information will be sent to the doctoral student e-mail list and posted on the SoN Convocation Website in April. Make a note to check this site and follow the posted instructions in order to participate in the ceremony.

Please note that if you are graduating in Spring Quarter, and want to have your name included in the program for the University-wide Commencement Ceremony, you MUST submit your signed Request for Final Examination to the Graduate School within the first two weeks of April. Check the UW Commencement website for the specific date, as it is different every year. The names of students who graduated earlier in the Academic Year will be automatically submitted by the Graduate School.

If you are graduating Spring Quarter, you are advised to arrange for family members to arrive at least two days prior to Convocation. Please note that due to space constraints, graduates are asked to bring only four or five family members to the School of Nursing ceremony.