Degree requirements

The estimated length of time required to complete the Clinical Informatics and Patient-Centered Technology Master of Science program is 15 months of full-time study. Part-time study is available.

Goals of the Master of Science program

  1. Evaluate the current state of knowledge in a selected area of clinical informatics as it informs theory, practice and research.
  2. Develop and implement scholarly inquiry related to clinical informatics or patient-centered technology.
  3. Articulate ethical issues, practical challenges and responsibilities involved in collecting and managing data to generate new knowledge.
  4. Develop and utilize organization and system leadership strategies that foster innovation and improvement of health care.
  5. Design, implement and utilize healthcare technologies to promote quality of care, patient engagement and safety, as well as clinical and cost-effectiveness.

Minimum school requirements: Master of Science

Course Credits Quarter
Informatics Courses
NMETH 527 Intro to Systems Thinking and Health Informatics 3 Autumn
NMETH 528 Computing Concepts: From Theory to Application 3 Winter
NMETH 529 Database Concepts & Applications in Clinical Informatics 3 Spring
NMETH 523 Systems Design & Project Management 3 Autumn
NMETH 524 Healthcare Information Systems & the EHR 3 Winter
NMETH 526 Patient-Centered Interactive Health Communication Technologies 3 Spring
NSG 540 Telehealth 4 Summer
Care Systems Courses
NURS 524 Managing Health Systems 3 Autumn
NURS 525 Managing Clinical Effectiveness 3 Winter
NURS 526 Managing Organizational Effectiveness 3 Spring
NURS 527 Managing Access & Utilization 4 Summer
Scholarly Inquiry Courses
NMETH 520 Scholarly Inquiry for Nursing Practice 5 Spring
NMETH 530 Scholarly Proposal Development 3 Summer

In addition to the above required courses, students are required to complete a Scholarly Project.